home maintenance tasks

5 Regular Maintenance Tasks to Save Money and Maintain Your Home

Your family’s health and comfort are important, and malfunctioning HVAC equipment creates stress and disrupts life at home, work, and school. Before you run into a serious emergency and expense, create a maintenance plan for your home. A bit of planned prevention can reduce a great deal of anxiety in the future. We recommend performing […]

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choosing electrical contractor

6 Things to Look for in an Electrical Contractor

Hiring a skilled and reputable electrical contractor requires knowledge about how to navigate the marketplace. Stories of scams and unfinished electrical jobs are real, but with some knowledge, you can find a contractor who will get the job done right the first time. 1: Quality Electricians Are Licensed, Bonded, and Insured Responsible business owners, especially […]

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The Benefits of Air Duct Cleaning in Salt Lake

The arrival of spring got us thinking about your air ducts — not because they sound just like ducks, though we have been seeing a lot of those lately. No, we are thinking about your ducts because Spring is the perfect time to perform your bi-annual duct cleaning in Salt Lake. Your ducts circulate the […]

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5 Benefits of a Preseason A/C Tune Up

We have let you in on the benefits of a preseason A/C tune-up in days past, but we thought — given the season — you may need a refresher. In Salt Lake City, the time between winter and summer is short. You only have a short window to shut down your heating system and prepare […]

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Action’s Spring Home Maintenance Checklist

Do you remember playing catch-up all summer on your home maintenance chores last year? Get ready for the season early with a home maintenance checklist from your premier Salt Lake City plumbing, heating, and cooling company: Action Plumbing. Schedule your pre-season A/C tune-up Just because your indoor air is cool, that doesn’t mean your A/C […]

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Signs You Should Get a Water Heater Flush

Did you know that sediment accumulates in your water heater tank? The buildup causes lasting damage and reduces your unit’s efficiency. Especially with the hard water we have in Salt Lake City, your unit requires frequent flushing to stay in good condition. Unlike other appliances in your home, noticing signs of water heater failure may be […]

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