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Electrical Repair Services in Salt Lake City, UT

Action is to the rescue and will bring your electrical system up-to-code. Our team of master technicians are highly skilled at providing the following services:

  • Custom Homes
  • Commercial Projects
  • Tenant Improvements
  • Remodeling


Whether you are looking for updating your fixtures, to install more energy efficient systems or to try new designs, Action can take care of your ambient light, recessed lighting, LED retrofits, ceiling fans, and more.

The electricians at Action are well-versed with the latest code updates, and can assist in your electrical repairs needed to make your system current.

Frequent circuit breaker tripping is a typical sign of overloading your home’s power boards. While the problem may be the wiring, another likely culprit is an old breaker that isn’t up for running the electricity around your house.

Our team can install a circuit breaker or update the one you have. You will enjoy the freedom of running all your appliances at the same time, without the worry of blowing a fuse. Plus, it will protect your home from electrical fires.

You don’t need to live with inconvenient outlet placements. Our electricians can install new powers source or relocate an existing one, to meet the unique needs of your family.

Power surges lead to an increase in voltage running through your home’s electrical system. Your wiring system may overheat, possibly ruining valuable appliances and electronics.

A whole-house surge protection system goes far beyond the coverage of low-cost, outlet surge protectors. They actually safeguard your entire home from hazardous levels of energy and are able to absorb the excess power.

Your house relies on a high-quality electrical system. Bad or faulty wiring can cause serious issues such as power surges, electrical shocks, or fires.

Our team of master electricians will ensure your home functions at peak performance levels, and will take care of your potentially dangerous electrical problems. For questions on electrical systems, call (801) 833-3333 today!