methods removing hard water stains

Methods For Cleaning and Removing Hard Water Stains

For homes and buildings that contain hard water supplies, the minerals like limestone, calcium and magnesium found in this water can create several issues. Hard water can lead to everything from faster appliance wear-down to uncomfortable skin effects and much more, and can also pose a problem that’s both visual and health-related: Hard water stains. […]

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causes solutions whistling toilet

Causes and Solutions for Whistling Sounds in the Toilet

After enough repeated uses, whether we mean to or not, most of us develop a basic expectation for what the toilets in our home sound like when they’re flushed properly. And as it turns out, this can be valuable knowledge – when you hear noises that are not part of the usual routine, it can […]

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risks oversized air conditioning

Risks Posed by Oversized Air Conditioning Units

Within the HVAC world, the misconception of “bigger is better” can be a damaging one in several different areas. One great example here is the air conditioner unit – many inexperienced home or building owners simply assume that the largest possible unit they can afford is the best choice for their property, but this simply […]

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protecting home hvac carbon monoxide

Protecting Your Home and HVAC System From Carbon Monoxide Risks

At Action Plumbing, Heating, Air & Electrical, we’re proud to offer several solutions for improving your home’s indoor air quality. From air cleaners and home humidifiers to duct cleaning, central AC repair and numerous other potential services, we’ll ensure you and your family always breathe clean, comfortable air. When it comes to the safety areas […]

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plumber drain clogs dog

Plumber Tips on Avoiding Drain Clogs During Dog Baths

Washing your dog may be a fun experience for both you and the animal, but it’s significantly less enjoyable for your home’s drains. Your drains take the brunt of a shedding dog’s hair and dander, which can lead to significant clogging and blockage issues if you aren’t careful. At Action Plumbing, Heating, Air & Electrical, […]

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causes remedies black specks faucets

Causes and Remedies for Black Specks in Water Faucets

No matter which water source in your home we’re talking about, ensuring water is clean and healthy is a vital task for homeowners. Unclean, contaminated water can pose several threats to human health, especially when consumed regularly as drinking water. At Action Plumbing, Heating, Air & Electrical, we’re happy to help with any and all […]

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