causes remedies black specks faucets

Causes and Remedies for Black Specks in Water Faucets

No matter which water source in your home we’re talking about, ensuring water is clean and healthy is a vital task for homeowners. Unclean, contaminated water can pose several threats to human health, especially when consumed regularly as drinking water. At Action Plumbing, Heating, Air & Electrical, we’re happy to help with any and all […]

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hvac considerations finishing basement

HVAC Considerations for Finishing a Basement

If you’re considering finishing your home’s basement, arranging for proper heating and air components is often among your first steps. While finished basements may or may not end up containing plumbing, depending on your precise needs and desires, virtually all of them will require basic HVAC setups to make them comfortable and livable. At Action […]

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spring hvac maintenance tips

Spring HVAC Maintenance Themes and Tips

Congratulations, Utah homeowner: You’ve made it through the winter! This one was a heavy, wet cold season, one that surely placed a great deal of strain on your home’s plumbing and HVAC components – and now that spring is here, it’s time to assess where things stand headed into a big season change. At Action […]

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hvac filters speedier replacement

Situations When HVAC Filters Require Speedier Replacement

When you purchase filters for your home’s HVAC system, you’ll generally be able to find basic information on how often they should be changed, whether on their packaging, online or elsewhere. Most filters need to be changed somewhere in the range of once every month or two, though there might be certain types that vary […]

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avoiding furnace short cycling

Understanding and Avoiding Furnace Short Cycling

During the winter we’re finally nearing the end of, did you notice your furnace turning off and on more often than usual? If so, was this observation accompanied by unusual heating bills during those months, whether larger or smaller than you’d expected? If so, it’s possible your furnace is short cycling. At Action Plumbing, Heating, […]

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landscaping assist hvac summer

Landscaping Hacks to Assist Your HVAC System This Summer

The long Utah winter has ended, and for anyone who knows this local climate well, you’re well aware that the heat of summer will soon be upon us. This means homeowners across the state are looking for ways to stay cool during the heat, and they’re attempting to do so without taking a major hike […]

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