Central Air Conditioning Tune-Ups

The hot, summer temperatures are just around the corner and your central A/C should be prepared. Just like your exercise regime may be picking back up, your air conditioner has been in hibernation the last six months as well and will need some personal attention to get ready for the summer season. While Action Plumbing, Heating, Air & Electric offers pre-season specials on A/C tune ups in Salt Lake City, Utah, there are a few maintenance items you can check first before making your bi-annual, tune-up appointment.

First, inspect, clean and change central air filters once a month. A dirty filter will increase your energy charges and cause long-term damage to your appliance. In some cases, warranties no longer pertain if regular maintenance hasn’t been completed on time and correctly. This is a crucial, inexpensive step not to miss.

Piggy bank ac mistakes costing you money.

Secondly, examine all aspects of the central air conditioning unit and clean any obvious dust and dirt before turning it on. This can be easily accomplished with your vacuum or a shop vac. Clean any sediment in the blower, ducts, and vents.

Once you turn your air conditioner on, listen for any abnormal noises. Search for unusual odors around the home. Check vents to make sure they are clear of debris and working properly. Last but not least, check that the temperature gage is reporting correctly and adjust as needed.

Scheduled Central Air Tune-Ups

While we wish maintaining your central air conditioner unit is that easy all the time, it is highly recommended by all manufactures to have your central air inspected and tuned up at least twice a year in the Salt Lake City, Utah area. This will ensure a long life span for the air conditioning system in providing your family with a cool, comfortable and efficient home.